Efficiently identify, resolve and manage IT issues to deliver seamless infrastructure

In today’s customer service-oriented world, smooth-running IT helpdesks, are more of a necessity than choice. Yet in many situations, organizations adopt helpdesk technologies without first identifying their business requirement and determining whether the sought-after solutions meets those requirements. The challenges typically faced are:

  • Difficulty of Handling Growing Ticket Volume
  • Complexity of Managing the Ticketing Process
  • Lack of Proper Reporting & Metrics

Our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) , addresses your complete IT helpdesk requirements. Our TAC helps business add value by minimizing business impact or service failure. End-users will experience minimal delay in having the incidents resolved and constant updates on the status. The overall boost provided, will help IT departments manage the budgets during the life cycle and proactively manage the use of IT components in most appropriate manner.

We support you on multiple fronts

Our range of services provides customized service offerings to suite customer needs. These services are packaged in such a way that our clients are provided with:

  • A base level monitoring and alerting service called Level 1 support.
  • Level 2 services to manage & fix ongoing issues in the infrastructure & also provide expert Level 3 advice.

vServe24/7 has enabled several of our global clients to not only to achieve higher infrastructure visibility but identifying the root cause of the problem. We have helped customers resolve potential service outages, thereby, enabling alignment of IT requirements with the business.


Vserve24/7's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) offers

24/7 IT Service
Helpdesk Support

  • Tracking IT tickets routing and escalating issues to the appropriate groups.
  • Managing Assets, by keeping a tab on the hardware and software inventory, CMDB (Configuration Management Database).
  • Change Management to ensure changes are documented and approved.
  • Resources processing on-boarding, changes to profile and termination.
  • Facilities, enquiries access privileges, authentication privileges.
  • Employee Knowledge Management system with effective FAQs on common problems and steps to resolve the issue.

Product Support

  • Shared support services by providing 24x7 availability of experts.
  • Service Desk that handles incident, problem and knowledge management.
  • Skilled and trained resources on the customer’s application.
  • Periodic knowledge base creation and updates.
  • Voice, chat or email based support services.
  • Trend Analysis and reporting to product management team.

Portal Support

  • Service Strategy which includes consulting, designing and implementation.
  • Defining service catalogue based on classification and workflow.
  • 24x7 availability of skilled resources trained and certified on the registry/portal services.
  • Knowledge base management and FAQ development.
  • Trend Analysis.
  • Vendor coordination with bug reporting and tracking.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Support to aid new user (merchant) registration.
  • Support day-to-day user incidents/issues.
  • Email or voice based support to users (merchants).
  • Monitoring Web Transactions & Support Multiple Feeds (Eg: Google Feeds).
  • Adding link parameters to trace the origins of the click (Eg: Google, Omniture).
  • Setup floodlight tags on client sites.
  • Setup tracking/reporting mechanisms in the client site.
  • Mobility platform testing.
  • Tracing web transactions.
  • Effective tracking of revenue through transaction monitoring.

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About vServe24/7

vServe24/7 is the strategic Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) arm of Nous Infosystems. Our services include Data Center Operations & Management, Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Information Security Services, Workplace Services and Business Advisory & Consulting (BAC). We help customers maximize their IT budgets and derive value from their infrastructure. The cost effective cost effective offshore model – VISDM aids us in delivering enterprise grade services.