Comprehensive management of your data center

We are primarily involved in managing data centers, devices and projects to modernize legacy systems. vServe24/7’s offerings empowers customers with

IT architecture remodelling

Simplification of your IT architecture by creating an environment that is easier to manage, secure and stable.

Data center Management

Comprehensive management of your datacenter.

Technology Support

Support on multiple technologies including server, storage, backup, database, middleware and batch operation.

How we add value to your IT infrastructure

We are uniquely positioned to bring additional value to the customers through:

  • Enhanced IT operational capabilities to meet business demands and bridge the existing operational gaps.
  • Consistent and improved service delivery.
  • Scalability to handle increased service demands/ volumes.
  • Multi- source governance for accountability and traceability.
  • Improve the overall performance & efficiency through automation, reporting and documentation.
  • Flexibility to accommodate new services and innovation.

Our offerings cover the entire spectrum of Data center Management

Configuration &

Here at vServe24/7, we define process to ensure that the servers or databases undergo routine checkups on performance bottleneck, resource thresholds, availability, configuration constraints, hardware limitations and various other aspects. The core functions are:

  • OS level/application level patch management & routine administration.
  • Server backup management (windows based or 3rd party backup software).
  • Server consolidation, upgrades and migration services.
  • Database performance tuning.
  • HA – RAC and data guard support services.

Remote Management

Server monitoring

  • Multi-platform support.
  • Virtual farm administration support.
  • User Directory services management.
  • Virtual resource chargeback, Virtual resource capacity management.

Audits assessments

  • Performance monitoring and output of the server, server farm or infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Assessment & Transformational Analysis

Database monitoring and support

  • Database performance monitoring.
  • Transaction monitoring and analytics.

Remote database administration and support services

  • Proactive and Reactive database administration.

Vendor Management

Manage effective governance structure across stakeholders/service providers

  • Assess the relationship.
  • Focus areas of agreements and disagreements.
  • Identify gaps.

Establish and manage back to back SLAs/OLAs to achieve overall business level agreements

  • Develop action plans to remedy gaps.
  • Schedule periodic assessments.
Definition of clear roles and responsibilities (RACI) across stakeholders for process adherence
  • Performance management.
  • Evaluate the leakage caused by gaps.
  • Regular Meetings.

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About vServe24/7

vServe24/7 is the strategic Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) arm of Nous Infosystems. Our services include Data Center Operations & Management, Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Information Security Services, Workplace Services and Business Advisory & Consulting (BAC). We help customers maximize their IT budgets and derive value from their infrastructure. The cost effective cost effective offshore model – VISDM aids us in delivering enterprise grade services.