Bring in technology that offers flexibility, while driving productivity of the organization

We add value by optimizing ROI on your investment in workplace transformation, while improving user satisfaction. End users will experience the benefits of mobility, flexibility with the choice of devices and positive user experience. Furthermore, IT teams will have perfected security and monitoring of the workplace environment. Technology trends such as Bring your Own Device (BYOD), enterprise mobile enablement, cloud computing are redefining the future work place. To attract and retain the next generation workforce, workplaces demand a smarter, agile and more collaborative environment. The requirements increase further, as organizations must equip themselves to address and control data loss and security threats. Through our proprietary VISDM framework we provide consulting, professional and operational services that helps customers envision and transform with BYOD, mobility and desktop delivery.


Improve collaboration and access to business critical information

Desktop Engineering,
Migration & Administration:

Desktop and laptop services is provided through a hybrid model wherein we provide onsite support through the partner through the below models:

  • Campus/Hub: Infrastructure for business critical sites such as global/regional headquarters and sites with a high user/device concentration will have dedicated technicians.
  • Spokes: These sites form a geographical cluster along with the campus/hub site and have a significant user/device count. Technicians based in the campus/hub sites travel to Spokes.
  • Dispatch: Technicians are dispatched on need basis when a requirement from a remote site has a low user/device concentration.

Desktop Virtualization

Nous Infosystems has a vast experience in Desktop Virtualization and moving users from traditional desktops/laptop to a thin client for accessing the resources. It helps:

  • Achieve substantial IT operating cost savings by implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) practice.
  • Cut down on your storage procurements and operating costs by 75% with our VDI practice.
  • Maintain high availability, which is enabled through synchronous mirroring and failover between nodes.
  • Optimize and improve your user experience through High Speed Caching.
  • Enabling an optimized environment with the provision of cloning multiple desktops, that saves on storage space by providing scalable solution and real time assessments through automated snapshots.

BYOD & Enterprise Mobility Management

Leading research firms have predicted that BYOD will not be an option but a requirement. The industry is moving towards more comprehensive solution for their mobility management rather than traditional device management. Most of the service providers have moved away from providing the traditional offerings of Mobile Device Management. We have partnered with Mobile Iron as an Iron Partner, building expertise with certified deployment and management engineers. As per the EMM module we deliver:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM).
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM).

Directory services

We offer, migration of traditional exchange and communicator services to Office 365(O 365) which is a specialized service. To run the unified communication and exchange services, the active directory is a mandatory component which is migrated and managed by a team of certified personals. The migration involves:

  • Migration from onsite exchange and unified services to O 365.
  • Management of O 365.
  • Managing and monitoring replication.
  • Ensuring the proper assignment and configuration of operations.
  • Managing domain and domain controller security policies.
  • Configuring directory service parameters.
  • LDAP Policy Management , Schema Management, DNS Management.

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About vServe24/7

vServe24/7 is the strategic Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) arm of Nous Infosystems. Our services include Data Center Operations & Management, Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Information Security Services, Workplace Services and Business Advisory & Consulting (BAC). We help customers maximize their IT budgets and derive value from their infrastructure. The cost effective cost effective offshore model – VISDM aids us in delivering enterprise grade services.