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CIOs need to assure that business objectives are met despite underlying IT complexities and create a future-ready IT operations delivery that is more responsive to the business needs. VISDM is the framework to move you to a more resilient, business aligned and cost efficient IT operations delivery. It optimizes IT operations in applications, infrastructure, cloud and security domains. This may be done, by integration with the IT operations delivered by diverse vendors, or improving quality of service. VISDM can provide an end-to-end solution that includes transition, operations and transformation of an IT portfolio. To align with your hosting choices, VISDM can be deployed through a combination of on premise, onsite, offshore models. VISDM is a framework that has refined vServe24/7’s experience in Managed Services gained over a number of years.

The only way that IT can deliver on innovation and take advantage of new technologies is to shrink the non-discretionary portion of IT spend. In order to decrease the run” cost, while maintaining and improving service levels, vServe24/7 has perfected a delivery framework which runs on the three core principles of:

  • Elimination
  • Automation
  • Analysis & Optimization

The VISDM Framework at Work


Service Components

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management: VISDM Infrastructure Management Services optimizes end-to-end management of enterprise IT infrastructure across data centers, networks and end-user computing. These include:

  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • On Premise Services
  • Infrastructure on Cloud
    • Public
    • Private
    • Hybrid
  • Infrastructure Security
  • End-user Computing
  • Network Management

Security Operations

VISDM Managed Security Services leverages the industry’s best practices to improve the security posture by leveraging a wide range of security services such as, Security Operations, Security Monitoring, and Compliance Reporting & Management.

  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Security Operations
  • Security Event Monitoring and Incident Response
  • Risk Management

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About vServe24/7

vServe24/7 is the strategic Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) arm of Nous Infosystems. Our services include Data Center Operations & Management, Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Information Security Services, Workplace Services and Business Advisory & Consulting (BAC). We help customers maximize their IT budgets and derive value from their infrastructure. The cost effective cost effective offshore model – VISDM aids us in delivering enterprise grade services.